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Wet Jeans in Advertising

It is only expected that any product which emphasises fun, adventure and athletics in a water environment would be appealing, especially to teenagers.

Levi's Second Skin

Advertised as "your second skin", Levis are considered by athletic, intrepid swimmers and divers to be an extension of their aquatic body, and are worn for swimming, diving, whitewater, snorkeling and scuba. Levis' competitors have also used water and swimming settings for their commercials.

Wet Jeans on TV

Levi's jeans have been advertised in a variety of underwater commercials where the athletic guy always attracted the pretty girl, including The Mermaid, The Levi's Swimmer, The French Dictionary, and numerous scuba diving and beach videos in the 1990's and early 2000's.

Nautica Jeans advertised their jeans in a water commercial with wake-boarding champion Brian Grubb demonstrating his incredible wake-boarding skills while wearing Nautica Dimensional Denim Jeans.

Ironically the Wranglers television commercial depicting a college-age male emerging from a western river wearing jeans, is as much a statement about Wranglers as Levis, where the quick dip in a clean river in a rugged environment might be to cool off, or might include a bar of soap to bathe and wash your jeans at the same time.

Diesel Jeans has print ads with male and female models underwater wearing Diesel Jeans. Sears featured their River Canyon Blues in water commercials, with the model diving off a pier, and surf swimming in form-fitting Sears RCB Jeans.

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