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Aquatic Boot Camp for Lifeguards

This is NOT water aerobics, and your only easy day was yesterday

Welcome to Swimming in Jeans

No swimwear? No problem! Just jump into the water in your jeans, the preferred swimwear of individualists and other sophisticated swimmers.

There are many good reasons to swim in jeans, but the best one is to get your jeans wet just for fun. It feels so naughty, refreshing, and liberating to spontaneously jump into the water. No need to get changed, just jump in and enjoy a good soaking!

Jeans are great for rough and tumble adventures, as they protect you from many scrapes and bruises. Express your individuality with classic denim swimwear for sun safety or modesty.

Wet Jeans Fun

In many parts of the world people swim in traditional tee-shirt and jeans, while others prefer the fully clothed hoodie and jeans look for almost all activities. They swim, surf, snorkel and dive in tee-shirts, hoodies and jeans, their preferred clothes for spontaneous water fun.

wet jeans teen fun swimming in clothes beach run

Hoodies and jeans provide better sun protection. They keep you warmer in the water and provide good protection against rocks and jellyfish. Only downside is that they take longer to dry. In hot climates that is good as it keeps you cool.

Wet Jeans Fun

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